Monthly Archives: August 2012

hello all (ie my dear wordpress robot)!!! how have you been?

1. I’ve got an iPhone! Still using my bb but will use iPhone in the uk hehe

2. I’m better more in control less silly but insane emotions still come and go so…yeah but I guess that’s normal so it’s k

feel like with instagram there’s no need for blogs anymore feels redundant but NO shan’t care how repetitive I seem, will indulge in reflection daily (try…pui) for myself mm kk

been so busy running errands settling visa whatever immigration stuff. sigh I’m going to be a foreigner in another land. feel vulnerable/scared but it’s ok I will do my best to integrate :) oh but people I’ll be mixing with are mostly internationals…at least for the first year so…not much integration to do more like DIFFERENTIATION cuz there will be so many azns ha ha hahaha >:D

have stopped working at poteato and so today I’m at dads office. there’s a meeting going on rn so I made tea for them and guess what my dad uses the same pots as the ones at poteato so I felt like I was so doing ~my thing~ can’t believe such a technical skill was put to good use haha


oh god I really need to read more and most inportantly, write frequently to improve coherency and clarity…

have a pile of to-read stuff, mostly nonfiction haha will save the list for another day

kk it’s friday enjoy the weekend!!! gotta get my meningitis jab and collect my mb later…busy day

also I feel like doing a fav iPhone apps post!!! this gadget has changed my life/made me more organised. a bb has a lot of the functions but not as easy to use as the iPhone’s. one thing bbs win at hands down would be the keypad tho NOTHING BEATS TYPING ON A BB!!! :'(