Monthly Archives: September 2012

SO. my macbook died after almost three years. you have served me pretty well. it was actually working really well. it died of what would be equivalent to a heart attack in humans — sudden and so so deadly. thankfully mom’s still around and she got me a new laptop. i have some gripes (am trying very hard not to explode)

1. my ext hard disk cannot be detected by my laptop. no music, no pictures, no movies…

2. i don’t have the ethernet adaptor/wifi base station. one from apple costs approx £80. am currently jewing off my kind neighbour’s wifi. i don’t know if £80 pounds for a wifi router is justifiable. it has amazing reviews though

3. OH MY GOD THE TILDE SIGN IS GONE. OMG. ok wait i found it it’s beside the shift button oh whew ~~~ omg ~~~ i thought my life was going to end. the brit mb’s keypad is weird…

4. candybar isn’t working well i don’t know why. sad

5. i am spending so much money in the first week. time to save like a mofo ;_;

6. i have no music…cept those in my ipod. very sad… :'(

in other news, i am settling pretty well here in Stratford-upon-Avon. it is very quiet, very pretty. it is starting to turn cold and i am quite afraid. freezing in my room here. i like my room it is small and cozy. i have yet to do a round of laundry and i am also quite afraid. i don’t want to ruin my clothes. but it’s k i will train hard to be a perfect domestic goddess. GO ME!!!


thought catalog: what it means to be a best friend

i couldn’t have chanced upon this article at a better time. been thinking about people/friendship in general as i prepare to leave my dear home (where i’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the most important people in my life) feel glad to know that there are people i can connect with emotionally and i hope distance and circumstances won’t change the love we have for each other. feel like as we grow older it becomes more difficult to make friends we can truly ‘click’ with or ‘get along’ with and it could be because 1. we are more inhibited/self-conscious/guarded 2. we don’t meet as many people ie. smaller pool of people to choose from 3. we don’t spend as much time together ie. foundation not as strong because we have more commitments now higher opp. cost thus it is difficult to spend as much together as we would have when we were younger

so anyway my (sappy as hell) point is…to my friends whom i have shared great times with, who have been there for me through my worst (w/o judging): i hope you know who you are. i am thankful our stars aligned, that you are part of my life, and though it may be hard to tell, i love you