oh god why

SO. my macbook died after almost three years. you have served me pretty well. it was actually working really well. it died of what would be equivalent to a heart attack in humans — sudden and so so deadly. thankfully mom’s still around and she got me a new laptop. i have some gripes (am trying very hard not to explode)

1. my ext hard disk cannot be detected by my laptop. no music, no pictures, no movies…

2. i don’t have the ethernet adaptor/wifi base station. one from apple costs approx £80. am currently jewing off my kind neighbour’s wifi. i don’t know if £80 pounds for a wifi router is justifiable. it has amazing reviews though

3. OH MY GOD THE TILDE SIGN IS GONE. OMG. ok wait i found it it’s beside the shift button oh whew ~~~ omg ~~~ i thought my life was going to end. the brit mb’s keypad is weird…

4. candybar isn’t working well i don’t know why. sad

5. i am spending so much money in the first week. time to save like a mofo ;_;

6. i have no music…cept those in my ipod. very sad… :'(

in other news, i am settling pretty well here in Stratford-upon-Avon. it is very quiet, very pretty. it is starting to turn cold and i am quite afraid. freezing in my room here. i like my room it is small and cozy. i have yet to do a round of laundry and i am also quite afraid. i don’t want to ruin my clothes. but it’s k i will train hard to be a perfect domestic goddess. GO ME!!!

  1. jz said:

    wo you blog le!!!

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