aye, think i’ll have to hang up my pirate hat for a while

i’m devastated that i probably wouldn’t get to torrent shit in my first year cuz i think the school protects its network or whatever you call it. i loved keysurf. i loved my 200mbps (?) broadband. i loved that i could get whatever movie/series i wanted in HD within minutes. i’m so damn sad coz game of thrones is coming out next april, and modern family this september. and i don’t have breaking bad season 5. and i’m still following suits which i believe will not end before i leave for the uk. how will i watch them? :'( #firstworldpains

  1. Sarah said:

    omg wordpress following is so convenient lolol its an actual site HAHA i use it cause my idiot computer doesn’t have enough space for movies etc

    • YEA it is haha cooool thanks i’ll use it when i get there!! you shd get an external hard disk then. i use it to store all my shiz, my computer still has alot of space ^.^

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