Monthly Archives: September 2013

now that I’m two days away from leaving, I don’t really want to go :'(


maybe cuz things are too hectic now and I haven’t really been calm and composed, looking forward to settling into a new routine, that might help


my storage stuff will only arrive on 16th sept when i will be checking in on the 14th. silly me forgot that they don’t deliver over the weekend. ughhh which means packing will be delayed for 2 whole days. a setback like this can be such a huge downer…we planned to arrive a few days before the start of welcome week (17th) just so we can settle down and unpack and be all ready for shiz but looks like we’re back to square one. oh well! guess we will just have to chillax during our first weekend there and explore the city, live minimally lolz without hangers, utensils and stuff haha. monday will be an intensive day of errand-running (send coats for dry cleaning, wash stuff, unpack)~ our plan to be kiasu/on the ball kinda failed bahahahaha shouldn’t have been such a kan chiong spider feel so silly for wanting to arrive early cuz everyone is arriving on the first day of welcome week…

lesson learned: if you wanna be kiasu, you’d better be kiasu dao bao! balls