Monthly Archives: October 2013

HI i’m still alive, haven’t been updating this space oh maaai

so i’ve been in the UK for a more than month! feels like I’ve been here forever though. good to have finally settled into the routine of things. I am liking it here, in Nottingham. everything seems to be going quite well. loading myself with stuff, like extracurriculars (volleyball! we meet again!) and a foreign language (deutsch. hallo). have a feeling I will end up feeling too overwhelmed by everything when the deadlines come but…deal with it when it comes la huh. quite sad cuz I skipped german tonight cuz I was too tired from the insane game ;_; sigh. thank gdness i had a hearty thai meal to replenish my depleted energy levels like omg i’ve never felt so EXHAUSTED before. like. i swear my energy levels were zero. it’s going to be like this every wednesday so RLY GOTTA GET MY FITNESS UP. HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHโ€”WE HIT TURBULENCE


speaking of which, went to coco tang last night AFTER TRAINING FROM 830-1030 my what determination kekeke for a UV party. interesting. spent like 2 hours there and couldn’t take it so we went back and craaashed…only to be woken up by the frkn fire evacuation exercise at 730 knnbccb. rolled in bed for a good 10 min waiting for the alarm to go off (cuz there was a false alarm just last wk at 330 am wth) but it wasnt going off so we checked and realised it was a REAL drill LOL got kp-ed so badly by the residence manager whooooops “my goodness, you have to be down in 20 seconds! … blah … you’d be dead by now!” um eff ni! noone cooks at 7am!

nothing else to say

meep. bye