SIGH i really wanted to post an epic one about 2013, with pics and all, but now i cannot bring myself to because i am ~*hard pressed for time*~, have to spend my precious time studying. i really wish i could stop myself from mindlessly scrolling, surfing the interwebz so that i’ll be more productive and therefore have more quality time to myself/spend with xr, but it’s so damn difficult. i’m such a huge procrastinator and i think that’s a millenial disease. how ah? i haven’t even come up with my new year’s resolutions hahaha i know it’s not a big deal but i want to okay? so i will do it tonight, and post it some time soon, i think

have a few very ideas and projects in mind but i never have the discipline to follow through with them :( hope my reflection+resolution making session later on will be productive! 


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