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On the second day of 2014, XR and I decided do the #100happydays challenge! It’s day 3 today and I haven’t posted a thing, I don’t have much to post about sigh am I gonna fail?! Nothing interesting to post though ugh..but I’m happy ^.^

Anyway, that day we also finally made salted egg yolk prawns for dinner!

Tweaked the batter a bit by adding beer and now it’s beer-battered salted egg yolk prawns. Sounds so much cooler, more adult hehe. Recipe under the cut! Sadly no pics because I haven’t uploaded them…hm there needs to be a wireless way to do this.

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Thur: trainingggg + lunch at tnh :) met Nat and went christmas (tree deco) shopping and i got a…

PICNIC BASKET!!! Time to go picnicking~~~ stayed over at her place after, thanks Nat for everything ^^

Friday Jingz came over in the evening (thanks for the company ^^), before that I was owning my sistars at Monopoly Deal hurhurhur. Cuzzies also came over and I ALSO OWNED THEM WAHAHA but this owning streak was, sadly, short-lived, as you will find out later :(

(((~*~*~*PDA ALERT*~*~*~)))

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damn hxc training. then watched love actually, had gelare waffles + ice cream!!! SHIOK ^^ but now body aching all over…

5am – WAKEY~~~ bbmed XR, lied about being extremely tired and thus having to go back to sleep

5.30am – Out of the house, went to Budget terminal very excitedly

6.10am – SURPRISE~~~!!!

7.25am – Goodbye/enjoy yourself..

7.40am – 36 to Liatbucks with Sahchay~

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Today I watched Masterchef before training and it made me want to cook so bad!!! I need to bake soon! Brownies perhaps OMG FRIDAY NIGHT TEEHEE yay yay yay excitez!!! I can’t wait for Friday it’s gonna be so fun ^^ And Saturday! Sunday! Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! EVERYDAY WOOWOOP TEEHEEHEE.

Training was…soso. Meh. Can’t wait for Thursday’s training. OH I lost my boots. How on earth?!?!?! I have on idea. BLARGH. But nevermind, I still could run today. After training, went to Burger Shack for dinner with a $br0ke$ XR! :P ok but not broke enough to NOT BUY SOCCER >.> anyway, dinner was SHUANGDB I had a whole ~`FLAMIN’ TANDOORI CHICKEN`~ BURGER, some fries and reverso ice cream. SUPER DUPER GOOD and after that I still felt abit hungry LOL but after a while more, I felt full. NOMMM super satisfying dinner. Esp after watching Masterchef, I was craving for something with OOMPH and, isn’t Tandoori Chicken oomphy??? it so is! ANYWAY after that, went home on 961 with XR ^^ ♥♥♥ xie xie ni!


need to get new boots soon. bad for wallet, good for style 8-)