After hours of futile attempts at being productive, I tried to seek help…and I found out about the Pomodoro Technique! Don’t know much about the whole technique but I’ve just been making myself go through 25 minutes (one Pomodoro) of uninterrupted work, then giving myself a 5 min break. I’m supposed to continue that cycle til I get 4 Pomodoris. Then I get a long break ^_^ But I tweaked the method and have been giving myself a long break (which may or may not be the recommended 15 min) every 2 Pomodoris lol. But anyway, check it out if you are a serious procrastinator, which I obviously am. Like, I’m supposed to be working but I’m on WordPress now… Well I’m just trying to stick to my resolution…

Anyway, you can apply this time-management technique to the whole day, I think, to help you manage tasks well. I’m not quite sure how you can integrate it into your life completely, there’s a whole book explaining that which I doubt I’ll 1. pay for and 2. read, so I won’t be Pomodoro-ed. But I just love how cute it sounds ^_^

On another note, today Xr and I had an amazing dinner at Sukho! Sukho never disappoints. Can’t wait to bring everyone/anyone visiting me/us in Notts there, and watch them get their minds blown.

Tomorrow I will be trying to recreate Koya’s beautiful Pork Belly side dish omg am seriously excited for that. It’ll be a mix between Koya’s PB and China’s (lol) 红烧肉。我好兴奋!Been pretty inspired lately, I have lotsa cooking ideas and I feel motivated to cook properly, it’s either my pent up energy from not exercising or the procrastinating bug. Probably both. Oh it must be also because Xr and I have been watching Hell’s Kitchen…a habit that started after I watched Ramsay’s (thx Jessica :*) scrambled eggs video lol.

I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs but when done the Ramsay way, though troublesome and requiring more elbow grease, I get more consistent results. It is also very yummy (so says Xr). Yummy is always good so I will keep doing it the Ramsay way til I find a better alternative! Ciao



On the second day of 2014, XR and I decided do the #100happydays challenge! It’s day 3 today and I haven’t posted a thing, I don’t have much to post about sigh am I gonna fail?! Nothing interesting to post though ugh..but I’m happy ^.^

Anyway, that day we also finally made salted egg yolk prawns for dinner!

Tweaked the batter a bit by adding beer and now it’s beer-battered salted egg yolk prawns. Sounds so much cooler, more adult hehe. Recipe under the cut! Sadly no pics because I haven’t uploaded them…hm there needs to be a wireless way to do this.

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eighteen more days til I leave Singapore, wowowow 这么快。没想到三个月一眨眼就过去了。2fast2furious yo I can’t really remember what I’ve been doing. lately it’s just lots of breaking bad (frkn amazing series, really worth watching. very well written) with xr interspersed with going out, eating prawn mee and buying stuff

this week is going to be pretty fun. what’s up:

cut/dye hair, browhaus
running errands with xr, getting things in place for 13 sept
oceanarium (???) hehe
mink with ma wholesome people kekeke
dinner with the og (?)
mom’s bday dinner
warwick summer games
hctr dinner (???)
phantom of the opera with xr mom and lin

hae mee diaries, m’sia and random stuff beneath the cut

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Photo 20-07-2013 11 59 22

two weekends ago, i made baileys spiked chocolate chip cookies ^^ k i can’t remember why i wanted to bake, i think it’s mainly because i wanted to use the bottle of hazelnut baileys sitting pretty in my room. so i scoured the interwebz for a good cookie recipe, and where else to turn to but smitten kitchen? plus, it’s originally from david lebovitz so…booyah! it must be good! and it’s also featured in 101cookbooks! and though i omitted pecans and added a few splashes of baileys, it was still “really good leh”, “can sell”. “it’s so good”! bahahaha well maybe coz most of these comments came from my ever supportive and loving parents…but given that the father is usually pretty critical i think i deserve a self pat on the back hor

click for recipe!

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i completed a one month internship at ong & ong. earned ~900! and of course priceless experience from making models, doing lots of research, making graphics, etc

stayed at seoul for a week ++ with princess kyung tae~

shopped alot, bought cosmetics *v*

visited touristy places like namsan park (beautiful, i would really like to go there again)

and insadong with their teahouses and lovenametag garden and stuff

ate so much spicy food (which i really miss :(), tried sundae for the first time and i love it

walked everywhere,

drank soju

learned how to ski, skiied for two days in fake snow sigh but better than nothing at least the temperature was comfortable

visited a tarot lady etc. ALSO discovered an amazing alternative to absolut…wins absolut kurrant hands down heh

i had a great time in korea, and i can’t wait to travel more! am so thankful i had the chance to do that before results came out, because…results were disastrous. ok to be completely objective, it’s not that bad. none of my grades fell below a C, so i’m thankful for that…but it is not good, not at all. i haven’t exactly decided on a path, but i will over the next few days. here’s to an exciting, painful, journey ahead


between feb to mar – saw feist, laura marling, cults, toro y moi, m83 and death cab for cutie with my bb


nus open house with jessica – she got me gong cha and cadbury blackforest <3


turning nineteen

celebrated the eve of my birthday with J and PJ (thanks yall

on my birthday i awoke to a phone call which made me relieved and thankful. spent the afternoon watching trespass (shitty show walao) and had dinner at su’s korean restaurant @ far east, then headed to marina bay for bubble tea and ilights & singapore flyer ♥ realised how beautiful singapore is at night, and finally learned to appreciate the ‘bareness’ of the artscience museum – did you know that there are projections on its surface at night?! love it. i had a great birthday, love my gifts too thank you :3 :*


so now…back to flitting between one option and the other…

Today I watched Masterchef before training and it made me want to cook so bad!!! I need to bake soon! Brownies perhaps OMG FRIDAY NIGHT TEEHEE yay yay yay excitez!!! I can’t wait for Friday it’s gonna be so fun ^^ And Saturday! Sunday! Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! EVERYDAY WOOWOOP TEEHEEHEE.

Training was…soso. Meh. Can’t wait for Thursday’s training. OH I lost my boots. How on earth?!?!?! I have on idea. BLARGH. But nevermind, I still could run today. After training, went to Burger Shack for dinner with a $br0ke$ XR! :P ok but not broke enough to NOT BUY SOCCER >.> anyway, dinner was SHUANGDB I had a whole ~`FLAMIN’ TANDOORI CHICKEN`~ BURGER, some fries and reverso ice cream. SUPER DUPER GOOD and after that I still felt abit hungry LOL but after a while more, I felt full. NOMMM super satisfying dinner. Esp after watching Masterchef, I was craving for something with OOMPH and, isn’t Tandoori Chicken oomphy??? it so is! ANYWAY after that, went home on 961 with XR ^^ ♥♥♥ xie xie ni!


need to get new boots soon. bad for wallet, good for style 8-)