Gone are the days of 200Mbps download speeds (that means an entire series done in less than 5min. saywut)…everyone’s moving back into the building and I’m getting 200kbps at best now. SOBBLES :'( also, exams start next week. gimme back my Christmas break pretty pretty pretty please


my storage stuff will only arrive on 16th sept when i will be checking in on the 14th. silly me forgot that they don’t deliver over the weekend. ughhh which means packing will be delayed for 2 whole days. a setback like this can be such a huge downer…we planned to arrive a few days before the start of welcome week (17th) just so we can settle down and unpack and be all ready for shiz but looks like we’re back to square one. oh well! guess we will just have to chillax during our first weekend there and explore the city, live minimally lolz without hangers, utensils and stuff haha. monday will be an intensive day of errand-running (send coats for dry cleaning, wash stuff, unpack)~ our plan to be kiasu/on the ball kinda failed bahahahaha shouldn’t have been such a kan chiong spider feel so silly for wanting to arrive early cuz everyone is arriving on the first day of welcome week…

lesson learned: if you wanna be kiasu, you’d better be kiasu dao bao! balls

i’m devastated that i probably wouldn’t get to torrent shit in my first year cuz i think the school protects its network or whatever you call it. i loved keysurf. i loved my 200mbps (?) broadband. i loved that i could get whatever movie/series i wanted in HD within minutes. i’m so damn sad coz game of thrones is coming out next april, and modern family this september. and i don’t have breaking bad season 5. and i’m still following suits which i believe will not end before i leave for the uk. how will i watch them? :'( #firstworldpains


alright this is too much!!! feels like -10C?!?! it needs to stop being so damn cold because I can’t function. rn it’s snowing alot, wind is howling like crazy and it’s so scary. it’s almost mid-march. please be nice, Mother Nature???

but ok I’m thankful there’s sun at least, it’s not gloomy and all today. I guess it’s for the better anyway I can lock myself in and work on my presentation which will be over and done with circa 9.20am 12 mar 2013!!! HURRAH then I can go get groceries and run errands and go to the gym and work on other courseworks so that i can have a kickass time on the days i’ve scheduled for awesomeness

k bai

SO. my macbook died after almost three years. you have served me pretty well. it was actually working really well. it died of what would be equivalent to a heart attack in humans — sudden and so so deadly. thankfully mom’s still around and she got me a new laptop. i have some gripes (am trying very hard not to explode)

1. my ext hard disk cannot be detected by my laptop. no music, no pictures, no movies…

2. i don’t have the ethernet adaptor/wifi base station. one from apple costs approx £80. am currently jewing off my kind neighbour’s wifi. i don’t know if £80 pounds for a wifi router is justifiable. it has amazing reviews though

3. OH MY GOD THE TILDE SIGN IS GONE. OMG. ok wait i found it it’s beside the shift button oh whew ~~~ omg ~~~ i thought my life was going to end. the brit mb’s keypad is weird…

4. candybar isn’t working well i don’t know why. sad

5. i am spending so much money in the first week. time to save like a mofo ;_;

6. i have no music…cept those in my ipod. very sad… :'(

in other news, i am settling pretty well here in Stratford-upon-Avon. it is very quiet, very pretty. it is starting to turn cold and i am quite afraid. freezing in my room here. i like my room it is small and cozy. i have yet to do a round of laundry and i am also quite afraid. i don’t want to ruin my clothes. but it’s k i will train hard to be a perfect domestic goddess. GO ME!!!

when i’m being pensive/emotional/a wreck, i feel a strong urge to document my thoughts and feelings so i wouldn’t lose them, so i can revisit them perhaps when i’m more sane to recognize what i think when i’m emotionally charged. or let them serve as evidence of what was in my mind when XXX happened. but documenting thoughts and feelings is tedious because i dont necessarily want to document them when they’re at their most vivid. i get distracted easily so sometimes when i’m ready to pen them down, they’re diluted..gone. some say ignorance is bliss and i guess it should be it’s just so much easier to forget and be happy..right? i think i’m somewhat fortunate to have a selective memory [which does not always cooperate with me] journalling is a good habit though. it’s therapeutic and healing. it’s less for re-reflection, i hardly revisit my old thoughts. i just find it helpful to get things out of my system

ok end of self-absorbed rant goodnight

LOL I used to never understand why people hated school so much like I’d think aiya just live with it THIS IS UR LIFE SUCK IT IN. Now I know. COZ I HAD NO LIFE UGH I think people hate school coz they find there’s so many other things that should be done so many other ways their lives should be lived. I might be going through a phase. I hate school coz I see so many other fun things I’d wanna do am I being naive lolol I used to be able to enjoy work and shit like that but nooo no more maybe cos there’s so many other things worth doing or there are other things that are ~*important* but no I’ll pick myself up I’LL PICK MYSELF UP like I always did (p5 mrs koh called my parents lulz, sec 2 my results were ~mehhh!, HERE WE GO AGAIN~) go @tingatron!


from cloud 9, we have begun our descent*(THXSAHCHAY:*) to reality. weather seems fine… descent will be rough, and there will be turbulance. reaching arrival gates four months. buckle up your seatbelts…