On the second day of 2014, XR and I decided do the #100happydays challenge! It’s day 3 today and I haven’t posted a thing, I don’t have much to post about sigh am I gonna fail?! Nothing interesting to post though ugh..but I’m happy ^.^

Anyway, that day we also finally made salted egg yolk prawns for dinner!

Tweaked the batter a bit by adding beer and now it’s beer-battered salted egg yolk prawns. Sounds so much cooler, more adult hehe. Recipe under the cut! Sadly no pics because I haven’t uploaded them…hm there needs to be a wireless way to do this.

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two weekends ago, i made baileys spiked chocolate chip cookies ^^ k i can’t remember why i wanted to bake, i think it’s mainly because i wanted to use the bottle of hazelnut baileys sitting pretty in my room. so i scoured the interwebz for a good cookie recipe, and where else to turn to but smitten kitchen? plus, it’s originally from david lebovitz so…booyah! it must be good! and it’s also featured in 101cookbooks! and though i omitted pecans and added a few splashes of baileys, it was still “really good leh”, “can sell”. “it’s so good”! bahahaha well maybe coz most of these comments came from my ever supportive and loving parents…but given that the father is usually pretty critical i think i deserve a self pat on the back hor

click for recipe!

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