HI i’m still alive, haven’t been updating this space oh maaai

so i’ve been in the UK for a more than month! feels like I’ve been here forever though. good to have finally settled into the routine of things. I am liking it here, in Nottingham. everything seems to be going quite well. loading myself with stuff, like extracurriculars (volleyball! we meet again!) and a foreign language (deutsch. hallo). have a feeling I will end up feeling too overwhelmed by everything when the deadlines come but…deal with it when it comes la huh. quite sad cuz I skipped german tonight cuz I was too tired from the insane game ;_; sigh. thank gdness i had a hearty thai meal to replenish my depleted energy levels like omg i’ve never felt so EXHAUSTED before. like. i swear my energy levels were zero. it’s going to be like this every wednesday so RLY GOTTA GET MY FITNESS UP. HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGH—WE HIT TURBULENCE


speaking of which, went to coco tang last night AFTER TRAINING FROM 830-1030 my what determination kekeke for a UV party. interesting. spent like 2 hours there and couldn’t take it so we went back and craaashed…only to be woken up by the frkn fire evacuation exercise at 730 knnbccb. rolled in bed for a good 10 min waiting for the alarm to go off (cuz there was a false alarm just last wk at 330 am wth) but it wasnt going off so we checked and realised it was a REAL drill LOL got kp-ed so badly by the residence manager whooooops “my goodness, you have to be down in 20 seconds! … blah … you’d be dead by now!” um eff ni! noone cooks at 7am!

nothing else to say

meep. bye



alright this is too much!!! feels like -10C?!?! it needs to stop being so damn cold because I can’t function. rn it’s snowing alot, wind is howling like crazy and it’s so scary. it’s almost mid-march. please be nice, Mother Nature???

but ok I’m thankful there’s sun at least, it’s not gloomy and all today. I guess it’s for the better anyway I can lock myself in and work on my presentation which will be over and done with circa 9.20am 12 mar 2013!!! HURRAH then I can go get groceries and run errands and go to the gym and work on other courseworks so that i can have a kickass time on the days i’ve scheduled for awesomeness

k bai

SO. my macbook died after almost three years. you have served me pretty well. it was actually working really well. it died of what would be equivalent to a heart attack in humans — sudden and so so deadly. thankfully mom’s still around and she got me a new laptop. i have some gripes (am trying very hard not to explode)

1. my ext hard disk cannot be detected by my laptop. no music, no pictures, no movies…

2. i don’t have the ethernet adaptor/wifi base station. one from apple costs approx £80. am currently jewing off my kind neighbour’s wifi. i don’t know if £80 pounds for a wifi router is justifiable. it has amazing reviews though

3. OH MY GOD THE TILDE SIGN IS GONE. OMG. ok wait i found it it’s beside the shift button oh whew ~~~ omg ~~~ i thought my life was going to end. the brit mb’s keypad is weird…

4. candybar isn’t working well i don’t know why. sad

5. i am spending so much money in the first week. time to save like a mofo ;_;

6. i have no music…cept those in my ipod. very sad… :'(

in other news, i am settling pretty well here in Stratford-upon-Avon. it is very quiet, very pretty. it is starting to turn cold and i am quite afraid. freezing in my room here. i like my room it is small and cozy. i have yet to do a round of laundry and i am also quite afraid. i don’t want to ruin my clothes. but it’s k i will train hard to be a perfect domestic goddess. GO ME!!!

Able to wake up at 530am!
Good luck texts ^^
Mommy for helping me relax and gain composure and praying for me and massaging my eyes coz my vision was blurry and zz :S
Banana for breakfast (and Yam Pau. and Cha Siew Bao)
Essay topics that I could do (i.e. not STUCK like usual. Thanks Mrs Ng for preparing us so well~!)
Mommy for picking me up, giving me pao sheng, bringing me for lunch, offering to accompany me study for the day
Very quiet parents’ office
Rejuvenating nap on the sofa

falalalalalalalalaaa~ hope elasticity concepts are tested for essay plzplzplz! I’m super own in that. I think. The only thing I’m confident in for this whole Promo bahaha :B

Okay if anyone even reads this: ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR PAPERS!!! Your hard work will pay off. Mmm :^)

LOL I used to never understand why people hated school so much like I’d think aiya just live with it THIS IS UR LIFE SUCK IT IN. Now I know. COZ I HAD NO LIFE UGH I think people hate school coz they find there’s so many other things that should be done so many other ways their lives should be lived. I might be going through a phase. I hate school coz I see so many other fun things I’d wanna do am I being naive lolol I used to be able to enjoy work and shit like that but nooo no more maybe cos there’s so many other things worth doing or there are other things that are ~*important* but no I’ll pick myself up I’LL PICK MYSELF UP like I always did (p5 mrs koh called my parents lulz, sec 2 my results were ~mehhh!, HERE WE GO AGAIN~) go @tingatron!


from cloud 9, we have begun our descent*(THXSAHCHAY:*) to reality. weather seems fine… descent will be rough, and there will be turbulance. reaching arrival gates four months. buckle up your seatbelts…

HELLO READERS!!! If there are even any! Probably only Jessica Jingzhi and Qingshan cause yall subscribed hahaha. Anywayyy…

TODAY, SCHOOL WAS REAL GOOD. It was short. Very fun! Bio lecture was ho-hum we were chasing a train the whole time… after Bio lect it was PW. Discussion with laptop = YOUTUBE SURFING = SB FUNNY HAHAHA I had so much fun let me share what we were checking out:

This was just FRICKIN’ HILARIOUS HAHAHA ‘gui lai liao gui lai liao!!!’!!! Kel (or Yingze?) told us to watch this my gosh it’s really so funny lol.

I showed them the Awareness Test everyone please do it it’s really super cool. Samuel the Ruser was srsly being damn… Ruser. ‘I very aware one!!!’ and after the secret ‘trick’ was exposed he still didn’t get it while even SARAH (who’s very slow, mind you) was already laughing/ feeling amazed.

This is kinda freaky in the too-much-cute-it’s-disgusting way.

And after PW we continued slacking around… until we realised our Econs tutor wasn’t here. EARLY RECESS!!! 1.5hr break. So we went to High School ^^ Haven’t been there in ages… After break, BBI, which was the best part of the day. I did some Chem corrections. Everyone around me were like o.o panicky. ‘Walao Tingshan why you so mug?!?!’ HAHAHA. I really enjoyed BBI I thought the Tryvertisement idea was innovative and interesting! Go you guys! Towards the end of it, a paperball fight ensued. Zz. Which resulted in me (KELVIN TOO HAHA RUSER) hitting an innocent 7C girl by accident :P :X SORRY!!!

Mm so after BBI was… break, then CT at LT3. The mighty Ares got relegated to LT3 :( Sian. The highlight of CT session was Mr Ken Yeow’s claim to make sure we make the new ‘SILENCE PLEASE’ indicator work. Something like that aiyah it was just FUNNEHHH~~~

After school I headed to Coro *$ heehee met NATASHA LEE!!! How coincidental omg hahaha. and Eehsien! so XR came over lol I tried doing my work. Did a bit of Math yay. Then din at Penang Kitchen, then PJ met us and we went for FLY at Nanyang. Then MJ joined~ It was… very different from their usual works. Didn’t really get most of it ahaha but good effort~ SAW MY JNRZ YAYAYAYAYY AND YIYUANNN hahaha xiang ni leh when are we going out to catch up and all that babe!!! :/

k so after FLY we went homeee now I’m gonna sleep I wonder what’s happening tomorrow anyway I HAD A REAAAL GREAAAAT DAY I LOVE MY CLASS! MY FRIENDS! 8874! K have a good night good weekend go ORANJE (underdogs ftw hee) FOR WORLD CHAMPIONZZZ

It’s the holidays!!!

School yesterday was beyonddd horrific. It was a long day (Friday’s timetable :S) which saw us end at 4. I skipped Math Tut to go to Sogurt with PJ J JZ Zephyr, but before that PJ and I went back to Nanyang cause she had to pass something to her junior. Collected our O Level HCL certs. Nanyang’s gonna revamp the canteen to look like a frickin’ food court! WHUTTT. That’s damn coolio! So anyway as we were leaving NY, we boarded 171 to Coro and a few Sec Fours were on the bus… to town. Cause it’s the last day of school. They were going to town to CELEBRATE the end of term. While we were on the same bus but alighting only two stops later to ultimately… return to school. FOR LESSONS. OMG LAME. SAD ;_;

Thank goodness for Sogurt, and training, I FELT SO REJUVENATED. It was greaaat. Beyond great. I love my team. I’ve missed Karen. I’m motivated now. GO US!!! I can’t believe there’s only going to be two trainings in the whole of June. But nevermind I HOPE I MAKE GOOD USE OF THE TIME TO STUDY HARD do well for Blocks plspls I don’t want to disappoint… So please give me some strength.

OH a few days ago I ordered the Hello Kitty Instax!!! Plus Hello Kitty Film! Happy is Me!!! =^.^=

So yes the holidays ARE HERE. Proof:

Ok so I crushed the empty tealight container thing haha anyway I FELL ASLEEP TO DIVINE CALM WAFTING IN MY ROOM LAST NIGHT. I slept well. Woke up to air-con (because my dad wasn’t home yet HAHA he returned this morning). And the Ikea Star wall light.

Focus: MESSY BED WAHAHAHA Instead of lazy saturday/sunday morning, it’s lazy FRIDAY morning. WHICH MEANS THERE CAN BE TWO MORE OF SUCH DAYS. NO WAIT, A WHOLE MONTH!!! WOW!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME.

WAKING UP TO EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT and not restricted to Tuna/Egg Sandwich/Kimchi Ramen/Yong Tau Foo, spending time with whoever you want. JUNE IS MY FAV MONTH IN THE YEAR…

Im being disgustingly optimistic here, disgusting because we all know things aren’t usually this ideal. Blocks are blocking us from enjoying June like we’re supposed to zz