HI i’m still alive, haven’t been updating this space oh maaai

so i’ve been in the UK for a more than month! feels like I’ve been here forever though. good to have finally settled into the routine of things. I am liking it here, in Nottingham. everything seems to be going quite well. loading myself with stuff, like extracurriculars (volleyball! we meet again!) and a foreign language (deutsch. hallo). have a feeling I will end up feeling too overwhelmed by everything when the deadlines come but…deal with it when it comes la huh. quite sad cuz I skipped german tonight cuz I was too tired from the insane game ;_; sigh. thank gdness i had a hearty thai meal to replenish my depleted energy levels like omg i’ve never felt so EXHAUSTED before. like. i swear my energy levels were zero. it’s going to be like this every wednesday so RLY GOTTA GET MY FITNESS UP. HIGHER, HIGHER, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGH—WE HIT TURBULENCE


speaking of which, went to coco tang last night AFTER TRAINING FROM 830-1030 my what determination kekeke for a UV party. interesting. spent like 2 hours there and couldn’t take it so we went back and craaashed…only to be woken up by the frkn fire evacuation exercise at 730 knnbccb. rolled in bed for a good 10 min waiting for the alarm to go off (cuz there was a false alarm just last wk at 330 am wth) but it wasnt going off so we checked and realised it was a REAL drill LOL got kp-ed so badly by the residence manager whooooops “my goodness, you have to be down in 20 seconds! … blah … you’d be dead by now!” um eff ni! noone cooks at 7am!

nothing else to say

meep. bye


now that I’m two days away from leaving, I don’t really want to go :'(


maybe cuz things are too hectic now and I haven’t really been calm and composed, looking forward to settling into a new routine, that might help

my storage stuff will only arrive on 16th sept when i will be checking in on the 14th. silly me forgot that they don’t deliver over the weekend. ughhh which means packing will be delayed for 2 whole days. a setback like this can be such a huge downer…we planned to arrive a few days before the start of welcome week (17th) just so we can settle down and unpack and be all ready for shiz but looks like we’re back to square one. oh well! guess we will just have to chillax during our first weekend there and explore the city, live minimally lolz without hangers, utensils and stuff haha. monday will be an intensive day of errand-running (send coats for dry cleaning, wash stuff, unpack)~ our plan to be kiasu/on the ball kinda failed bahahahaha shouldn’t have been such a kan chiong spider feel so silly for wanting to arrive early cuz everyone is arriving on the first day of welcome week…

lesson learned: if you wanna be kiasu, you’d better be kiasu dao bao! balls

eighteen more days til I leave Singapore, wowowow 这么快。没想到三个月一眨眼就过去了。2fast2furious yo I can’t really remember what I’ve been doing. lately it’s just lots of breaking bad (frkn amazing series, really worth watching. very well written) with xr interspersed with going out, eating prawn mee and buying stuff

this week is going to be pretty fun. what’s up:

cut/dye hair, browhaus
running errands with xr, getting things in place for 13 sept
oceanarium (???) hehe
mink with ma wholesome people kekeke
dinner with the og (?)
mom’s bday dinner
warwick summer games
hctr dinner (???)
phantom of the opera with xr mom and lin

hae mee diaries, m’sia and random stuff beneath the cut

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i’m devastated that i probably wouldn’t get to torrent shit in my first year cuz i think the school protects its network or whatever you call it. i loved keysurf. i loved my 200mbps (?) broadband. i loved that i could get whatever movie/series i wanted in HD within minutes. i’m so damn sad coz game of thrones is coming out next april, and modern family this september. and i don’t have breaking bad season 5. and i’m still following suits which i believe will not end before i leave for the uk. how will i watch them? :'( #firstworldpains

hello monday, the past week has been pretty hectic (orientation, jamnhop, beach) and as a result i’ve been feeling restless. i kind of enjoy being so occupied, going from one plan to another, and i’ve recently started seriously planning my days. today however i had a slow day, took a bus to coro and back home and that’s a luxury (funny) i haven’t had in a while. bus rides (when you get a seat) can be really enjoyable. i have less than four weeks left in sunny (really damn sunny lately) singapore and there’s still so much to do! high up on my priority list is the proj i’ve been working on with my dad but farkanina so. much. inertia. :'(

going to msia this weekend with mom dad and xr to see my extended family and grandparents. won’t be seeing them for a few years i guess cuz i used to only see them during chinese new year. but then again i can always go back when i’m back in sg. but yea just a 1 night trip and xr is coming along lol dat’s a big deal he has never met most of my extended family i think. wowz. and i think he’ll get to drive for part of the journey waha

feel like, there’s so much to do here, don’t want to leave yet, but i can’t wait to fly on 13 sept too. there’s a lot to look forward to (our new space, buying household stuff, decorating, meeting new people, settling into a new routine, studying, activities, being really independent), like so many new possibilities yet with the added comfort and stability of having someone i love/who loves me so close. but i think this (yearning for future) isn’t a very good mindset to adopt. i should really be learning to accept and appreciate the now, rather than pining for the future, i guess. there’s so much to be thankful for. still learning to be appreciative and present, something that doesn’t come that easily due to my Aries nature

“The Aries people by nature are usually aggressive, impulsive, determined and extremely optimistic. They are risk takers and expect the best out of people. They are always on the move pursuing new and exciting things. They are extreme givers and would break their back to help another. Aries don’t like living in the past with its regrets. Instead they have a competitive side and may spend their lives striving for success without compromising truths. Problems with debt are very common in Aries as they tend to bite off more than they can chew or become involved in too many affairs or tasks. The attention of an Aries can be easily distracted by something new and exciting which plays at the very heart of their manic nature.”

not excusing myself though. hm but maybe i can’t wait to leave because i know i’m still not done with the project thing and i just keep frkn procrastinating and all i wanna do is escape from it. i should probably face the god damn thing and get it done so i can enjoy the rest of my break no pain no gain huh. wow. journaling can be so enlightening haha

anyhow, i created a blogspot, slowdownshesdreaming.blogspot.com. name is inspired by m83’s album ‘hurry up, we’re dreaming’, i think cuz when i created it i was feeling dreamy, and inspired, and wanted to like post inspiring posts. and ‘slow down’ because i don’t want life to move so quickly. i want to savour every moment (but actually doing that is another thing cuz like yknow i struggle with being present and mindful). layout there is inspired by bleubirdblog, i love her i love her life i wanna be her LOL. i have no idea if i should move there permanently, like, yknow fresh start and all and begin my zen, inspired life bahaha but i really like wordpress. i like my wordpress domain name as well, toasting. tried to get that on blogspot but it’s taken! RARGH. so how you tell me. i guess i’ll just have to post both sides cuz i’m so indecisive like that. uGhHh

mmm yup will recount with pics or something soon i guess, peace x